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Vladimir Lisinac’s passion for filmmaking stems from an early age. Since the very first time his father took him to the theater to watch “The Way of the Dragon,” his eyes mesmerized by the opening sequence, Vladimir has wanted to try his hand in the seventh art. He credits American cinema with teaching him the English language, and he credits movies as a great teacher in life. He is an award-winning Serbian-American filmmaker who writes, funds, produces, and distributes independent feature films and TV shows. His aim is to inspire others to make positive contributions to society.

Latest Productions

Dragon Knight of Serbia - Drama - In Development - 2027

  • “The Dragon Knight of Serbia” aka Despot Stefan is a unique specimen in the genre of epic war movies. It’s a character study which follows the rise and fall of crown prince Despot Stefan Lazarević. A man who is seduced by what screenwriter Vladimir Lisinac calls the beauty of war, and consequently loses his identity, becomes claimed by the battlefield and defined by its barbaric ways. In the end, he becomes equal parts hero, monster, victim. This movie is a tragedy not of the vanquished but of the victorious conqueror depicting tragedy in victory with a split ending.The story’s central theme explores the Serbian way versus the Ottoman way. On one hand the Serbian prince as Ottoman vizier is forced to fight Ottoman battles, while the Ottoman sultan is married to his beloved sister and the Serbian princess. All the while in Serbia the crown prince’s leadership is tested amongst his own, as he struggles to unite the clans and fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Fastest Gun Alive - Western, Drama - 2023

  • Elderly barber Floyd gives a young reporter the interview of a lifetime: the story of how he killed infamous gunslinger Billy the Kid in a duel and why he quickly buried the legend his own name should have been.

Toma - 2021

  • Toma is the first-ever biographical motion picture in Serbian cinematography about a pop star.  Based on the true story, the film’s writers and directors Dragan Bjelogrlic and Zoran Lisinac, have created a unique view into who Toma Zdravkovic was and what his career in music, spanning over four decades, means to millions- even 30 years after his passing.
    Principal photography started on July 26th, 2020 in Serbia and lasted for over 8 months until finally concluding on April 5th, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois.
    This project is in part funded and supported by the Serbian Film Fund / Filmski Centar Srbije (FCS) as a project of national cultural importance.

Along The Roadside - 2013

  • This multi-award winning American indie is about two young people from opposing parts of the world who are on even more starkly different paths mentally and emotionally. Varnie learns his girlfriend is pregnant while Nena, naive and jovial, arrives in America starstruck to see her favorite band perform. The lives of strangers Nena and Varnie randomly intersect and they ironically wind up on the same journey–one that becomes filled with humorous culture clashes and a sincere path to self discovery all on a road trip to a California music festival. “Along the Roadside” features international stars: Faust nominee and German rising star Angelina Haentsch, Lazar Ristovski, lead from Palme d’Or winning “Underground.” Paired up with their American counterparts: Hollywood star and all around badass Michael Madsen (who won Best Supporting Actor Award at IFS Film Festival in Beverly Hills for his role in this film), Craig Collins, Vickilyn Reynolds, Sheldon Bailey, and Alejandro Patino also play roles alongside the film’s male lead, Iman Crosson, also known as “Alphacat” online, who similarly has the disposition of a young Denzel Washington.

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