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Brothers Zoran and Vladimir Lisinac have a passion for filmmaking. They are multi-award-winning Serbian-American filmmakers who aim to write, fund, produce, direct, and distribute independent feature films and TV shows.

Zoran Lisinac’s (1983, Serbia) creative spirit was in full swing even when he was just a child. At the age of 9, Zoran’s comic books were published weekly in the local magazine, and at the age of 19, Zoran became a student of filmmaking when he was one of seven students to be accepted at the prestigious film school in Belgrade called the Danube Film Academy.

After finishing film school, Zoran then made the move to Los Angeles to further pursue his dream of filmmaking. Since 2005, Zoran has been writing behind the front desk of a Holiday Inn hotel in Santa Monica, and since then, he has written six feature-length screenplays with the full support of his managers. In mid-2007, Zoran formed Lisinac Bros. Productions, formerly Metakwon Filmworks with his brother Vladimir, and immediately started writing Along the Roadside, an original story for his multiple award winning directorial debut in 2012. Zoran has said goodbye to the hotel, but he has kept the fascination with the cultural diversity and integration to which Santa Monica’s tourist hot spot exposed him and which will find a way into his later works. 

Latest Productions:

Dishonored - Action/Crime/Drama - 2024

  • Joe Guynan, a former champion fighter turned MMA manager finds an unlikely rising star in a shaolin monk named Wu whose unorthodox Kung Fu may be the key to paying off his enormous debt to the mob.

American Widow - Drama - 2025

  • In the wake of the great recession Detroit, a world-weary mother of three, on an odyssey of a mental health crisis, pursues plans to commit suicide on the anniversary of her husband's killing.

Despot - TV Show - In Development - 2028

  • The DESPOT series aims to push the limits of local TV production, introducing here an undiscovered and the most commercial genre in the world, placing at the center of its story a masked vigilante, i.e.. the first Serbian superhero - DESPOT. Modeled on the most commercial Hollywood Movies and Series (Marvel, DC Comics), DESPOT is the story of Mladen, a former goalkeeper of the Belgrade Second Division, who refused to take a penalty when he was told to do so. His "act of disobedience" will lead to a tragedy in Mladen's family, after which he will be the same as those people who expected to concede a goal. Broken by the pain, Mladen will spend two years in a mental hospital where he will absorb the Serbian Heroic Songs that his grandfather Mirko (retired art historian) brought to him and which will inspire him to create a DESPOT of himself - a Don Quixote character whose goal is not only personal revenge but also to tear apart the network of crime in the dark underworld where you don't know where the tail is and where the head is. The action of this stylized story takes place in Serbia in 2028 in a "slightly" displaced setting.

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