Vladimir “Vlade” Lisinac has always fostered empathy for the world around us. His commitment to helping others has always been an important part of giving back. Whether he donates his time and effort at a local “Food Bank” or lends a hand at “Oakland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School” to paint the school walls before the children return from summer break, his impact is continuous and satisfying. 

Last year, Vlade donated basketball shoes to his former hometown’s basketball club (KK). “Krusevac Napredak joined the team. Most recently, upon the wrapping of his most recent production of the project “Toma,” Vlade donated all the wardrobe and costumes from his production company’s filming efforts in Chicago at the beginning of April 2021 to the two local theaters in downtown Chicago. 

If you want to help my cause—making art reach more people—please contact me. It will be a pleasure to use your assistance to make art more democratic.

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